We all need a plan for our money. Financial Peace University (FPU) teaches God’s ways of handling money. FPU presents biblical, practical steps to get from where you are, to where you’ve dreamed you could be, all while honoring God. This plan will show you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely, and much more!

TWO new FPU classes launching:

Class 1: Class kickoff Tuesday, March 18th at 7:00pm (class meets weekly on Tuesdays)

Class 2: Class kickoff Wednesday, March 19th at 7:00pm (class meets weekly on Wednesdays)

***This First Lesson will kick off Revolution Church’s Spring Semester of Financial Peace University. We would be honored to have you join us either on Tuesday March 18th or Wednesday March 19th at 7:00 PM. Childcare will be provided starting at 6:30pm. Snacks will be provided for children and adults. We look forward to having you!

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FREE Financial Counseling

Not sure you need FPU? Do you need advice or just plain direction on what your next financial move should be? Revolution Church also offers FREE one-on-one 45min counseling sessions. Let us help you get on track! Fill out these pre-appointment forms today and email them to [email protected]

If you live like no one else, later you can LIVE like no one else!