Revolution Church Group

What to Expect at a Rev Group

Rev Groups are the connection point at Revolution Church. It is in a Rev Group that you will experience shared passion, shared purpose and shared lives.

Rev Groups are small groups of people who meet regularly in order to make a difference in the community, develop friendships with each other, and challenge each other to be more like Christ. Rev Groups meet in homes, coffee shops, parks, libraries, or wherever there’s room!

The goal of these groups is to “experience a spiritual revolution” together by encouraging one another to apply God’s Word to our daily lives, by inviting our friends to come with us, and by multiplying into another neighborhood in 9-12 months.

Rev Groups are the best place to meet people and “be known” at Revolution. The bottom line is this: Rev Groups are about living the way Jesus lived, not just talking about it. If you’re not in one, you’re missing out!

Most people want to know what to expect when they go somewhere they haven’t been before. You probably have questions like… what will we do? what about my kids? where do they meet? Let us answer them for you…

What will we do?

We will hang out, discuss the message from the previous weekend, and take prayer requests. We want you to feel totally comfortable, so you are welcome to just come and listen.

What about my kids?

Each group provides their own childcare (usually at the meeting location).

Where do they meet?

We have groups meeting in Schertz, Cibolo, Bulverde, Selma, Universal City, Converse and the surrounding areas.

Are you ready to get plugged in with a Rev Group in your area?

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