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I Love My Church Offering

I LOVE MY CHURCH! Do you ever say that? We say it all the time. We are just fired up to be a part of such a revolutionary movement of God that we can’t help but LOVE it.

If we truly love our church, how do we live it out practically? Do we give? Do we serve? Do we invite people? Or is it a mix of all of the above? These are great questions that God wants to grow us with.

This summer, we’re inviting everyone connected to Revolution Church to give above and beyond their regular giving and participate in a special offering. It’s called the I LOVE MY CHURCH OFFERING. This is our summer to make a revolutionary difference in the lives of people who need the life-changing message of Jesus!

We’ll use 100% of this special offering to extend our reach right now with the following two projects:

Project #1

To get involved with our God Behind Bars campus, text "JOIN GBB REVOLUTION YOUR NAME" to 34444

God Behind Bars:

Through the I Love My Church Offering we will launch our first ever campus inside the Briscoe Unit in Dilley, TX - a Texas State Prison with our partners at God Behind Bars. We already have final state approvals and are committed to this effort. Let's give generously together to fund this incredible opportunity!

Since 2009, God Behind Bars has partnered with churches around the country to transform the lives of prison inmates and their families. Most prisoners—as many as 92% of all incarcerated individuals—will be released back to society at some point, and 75% of them will return to prison within three years. With God Behind Bars we will address this problem with a unique three-step approach that focuses on the physical, spiritual, and relational needs of inmates and their families

1. We will provide a full church service every week inside the prison. Wardens at the facilities currently offering these services say most of the inmates attend each week and that the program is changing the culture of their prisons. We also will be able to offer “
Church Inside,” introducing the families to Christ by allowing them to watch the same service their loved one is watching on the inside.

2. Family Matters is a God Behind Bars program that sets inmates on a journey to reconnect with their family through Christ and help them follow Him. During this phase they also plug in and grow deeper in their faith by jumping into small groups. Studies have shown that 90% of inmates have struggled with addiction, so we offer the successful “Celebrate Recovery” program along side other strong curriculum to help prisoners confront and fight their hurts, habits, and hang-ups.

3. The God Behind Bars re-entry process helps prisoners return to society with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. This helps inmates find jobs, housing, and education opportunities; reconnect with family and friends and develop a plan to move forward in healthy ways with the support of a faith-based community.

"Ex-inmates” are followed up with to provide ongoing support. Volunteers from Revolution Church will meet them at the gate and stay connected in the months to come, fulfilling practical needs like housing, groceries, medical treatment, counseling, life skills training, and more. By inviting God into prison and showing His love in tangible ways, God Behind Bars is restoring lives, building faith, fighting addictions, reconnecting families, and giving thousands of inmates hope for the future.

Project #2


In Luke 16 Jesus said, "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much." We want to do the very best we can with all God has given us right here, right now. And we trust that God will bring us whatever is next as we do the best we can with all we have.

We have purchased land on FM 3009 in Schertz and will build our own home on that land one day. Right now we are working on building design and city approvals of a site plan. We have a three to four year time line to move in to our new home. We refuse to sit still for that long!

Doing a few simple renovation projects to our current facility will help us continue to reach new families and extend our reach right now. We have pushed the limits of our leased facility for over seven years now and need to freshen some things up, repair some things and use our space more strategically. The I Love My Church Offering will help us accomplish this.

Click here to
give now to the
I Love My Church Offering

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