by Pastor Zak White

As a new Christ follower in high school, I prayed a lot, asking God what He wanted me to do with my life.

Seven months after becoming a Christ follower my family took a vacation to Las Vegas, NV. We were walking down the strip very late one night when a guy handed me a brochure about call girls. For the next hour I faced a barrage of encounters in which God showed me very clearly that people are hurting. I remember a gut feeling that I absolutely must do everything I can to tell people about Jesus and what He had done in my life.

The next morning I read about Ezekiel’s call and commissioning in Ezekiel chapters 2 and 3. I prayed during that morning promising God that I would dedicate my life to Him once more, specifically for ministry and leadership if He would use me to do great things.

While in Las Vegas I told God that I wanted to start a church where it “is ok to not be ok.” I even thought Las Vegas might be the perfect place to do it. That was my first sense of a calling to church planting. Since that day I have always felt called to start a new church.

story-pastRevolution Church launched on January 24th, 2010 by a small team led by Pastor Zak and Amber White. To love God, love people and start a revolution in one life at a time. That was the vision of our church day one; since then, that vision has remained the same as our church has grown to over 700 people.

We are a church fueled by revolutionary faith and we’ve seen God do things that only He can do – thousands of lives changed, marriages restored, families healed and hearts made new and whole. And as God continues to increase our platform, we are aggressively pursuing opportunities to reach more and more people with the life-saving message of the Gospel in both our city and our world.

story-presentThrough the use of preaching, worship, and creativity, we strive to present the timeless message of Jesus Christ in a clear and fresh way. And although our approach to church is anything but traditional, we believe in and maintain a conservative theological position.