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What is Our Win?

What is our win as a church? Simple - seeing Jesus start a revolution of grace in one life at a time. That's what we are all about. It's our mission. We are addicted to seeing lives changed by the grace of our loving God.

The greatest stories of life change start with a simple invitation. Sometimes it's a YouTube link to a message that is shared, bringing a friend to your small group or attending a weekend worship experience together.

A revolution of grace can happen anywhere but it always starts with a simple invitation - when we invest in people and invite them, we WIN. Use the tools below to be ON MISSION with us!

Images you can share anytime:

Long press these images to save them to your device. Then you can share, post, and text your easter invitations to the people God puts on your heart.

Use this text to cut & paste:

I think you would love my church! Join me online any weekend!

Two ways to watch:
YouTube.com/revyourlifetx or REVLIVE.com

More Invite Resources

More Images you can share

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Share your story

Share your faith story with someone you know.

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tips for inviting

Spread the Word
Send a link to one of our church's online sermons with a note that says "When I heard this message I thought about what you've been going through..."

Share a Meal
Invite someone to lunch on Saturday or Sunday and say "hey would you be interested in meeting us at our church first and then going to eat?"

Leave a Tip
When you go out to eat, leave your server a generous tip with an invite card or kind note.

Sit with Me
People are more likely to attend a church if they know somebody there. Attend a service with them and sit together!

sample conversation points:

Approach #1 – When you’re not sure whether they attend a church. “I was wondering, do you go to church anywhere?” If they answer yes, then the follow-up conversation is easy. “That’s great! So happy to hear you have a church home. What church do you attend?”

This approach works because it celebrates the church they’re connected to and shows them you’re not trying to recruit them to your church.

If they answer no, you can follow up with an invite.

“Well, if you’re ever looking for a great place to go, I go to Revolution Church and would love to see you there!”

This language is simple, casual, and friendly in tone. It doesn’t assume they’re looking for a church and leaves the decision up to them. If they don’t ask a follow-up question or engage further, then you’ll want to leave the conversation at that. If they ask a question or share a bit of their faith journey, then it’s a good sign they’re open to hearing more.

Take the opportunity to share more about your church: why you love it, how God’s used it in your life, give them an invite card, etc.

Approach #2 – When you know someone doesn’t attend a church. “I’m curious—did you ever go to church when you were growing up?”

The key with this question is how you follow up.This question is an easy way to start a conversation, but the real value is learning more about a person’s background with church, faith, and Christianity.

There could be many reasons why someone doesn’t currently attend a church. They could’ve had a bad experience growing up. Been hurt by people. Maybe they’ve always wanted to but never made it a priority. Whatever the reason, you’re trying to understand why. So don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions.

“Have you ever thought about attending a church (again)?”

“If you don’t mind me asking, how come you don’t see yourself going to church?”

“If it’s not too personal a question, what was the bad experience you had?”

The answers to these questions will help you tailor a more personal invite at the right time. Use what you learn, and ask God for wisdom on how best to invite them to church.

That could be during this conversation or another time. Is there something about your church they’d like? Is there a specific message series you can share that speaks to a situation they’re going through? Do you apologize on behalf of other Christians or churches that have hurt them?

Remember, you don’t have to invite a person the very first time you talk about church. That can be something you work toward.

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