GIVE NOWPress here to make your Time to Build Commitment

We have never been as excited and challenged about the opportunity God has placed before us in this season. As we approach this strategic time, we are positioned as a church that is making a difference in the greater San Antonio area. God has, indeed, set before us a great and open door, and the time to build is now.

“Time to Build” is about our willingness to be challenged as ordinary people and to let God, through us, do revolutionary things. God has given us the privilege and responsibility of being a part of seeing our community transformed by the power of Christ.

The cost of building a new state of the art facility is too great for only a few to carry. We must each do our share and give our part. While we cannot all give the same amount, we can all make the same sacrifice. This way everyone can have a part. For some, a “sacrificial” gift given over three years may be $1,000. For others, a sacrifice may be closer to $100,000, or perhaps even more. God will impress a specific amount on your heart if you sincerely ask him to lead you. The important thing is not the amount but our obedient response to God’s challenge.

Set aside some time alone or with your family to read this brochure and pray through it.
Get alone with God and focus.

... to make a difference with your life and your resources.
... to do something significant that will outlast your life.
... to be a part of a miracle of God!

Jesus Christ is the hope of the world! There is no greater investment you can make than investing in God’s Kingdom and His church as we seek to start a revolution of grace in one life at a time.

We love you, and we thank God for the privilege of serving here with you. We are praying the Lord’s blessings over your life, as He guides and directs you. Church, it’s time to build!

Starting a Revolution,
Pastor Zak & Amber


A dream to start a revolution of grace in one life at a time...

We have already seen God be faithful to the dream He gave Pastor Zak and Amber in 2009 to see the greater San Antonio area transformed by God. Again, we are seeing God‘s faithfulness to fulfill the dream.

Can you imagine the worship, teaching, caring, sharing and relationships being built; the sounds of music; and children laughing, learning, singing and playing; hurts being healed; people meeting their Creator for the very first time?

Imagine the fun of being involved with fulfilling God‘s purpose for our lives when we use this building as a tool to continue the dream in our community.


To increase our capacity to start a revolution of grace in one life at a time

We want the security of knowing that we have a home. The current location was made to be a warehouse. It was a not made to bear the traffic of thousands of people. It lacks adequate size, flow, layout and infrastructure (I.e. bathrooms, a/c, electrical).

65% of our current parking is borrowed. We are at the will of our neighbors as to whether or not we can use their spaces. If we have a new neighbor, they may not want us to use their space or might
need it on the weekends.

Our kids are the future of the church. We want to provide them with state of the art facilities to
grow in their relationship with Jesus.



Our new property is located on FM 3009 in Schertz, Texas, south of H-E-B. This will allow easy access from the surrounding communities. It is estimated that 80,000 cars drive by this property every day.

We have an opportunity to build a home that is a gift to our community. This opens the door to fulfill long held dreams for creativity, kid spaces, and community impact.



Revolution kids class space – each with access to a restroom from inside the classroom, a 450 seat auditorium (that later converts to more kids space in
phase 2), a lobby and an outside terrace area.


A main auditorium that will seat 800-900 people, a large lobby and main entrance, a cafe, a meeting space, church offices, and bathrooms.


Ample parking balanced to the building capacity with good flow to get people in and out.


This facility has the potential of being a church home for thousands of people within our communities every weekend

With our expanded facilities, sufficient parking in strategic location, we can continue to reach the
65,000 people who live in a 6 mile radius of my location and beyond.


We are inviting you to join this journey of faith

To grow our resources to the size of the vision God has given us. We are asking everyone at
Revolution to pray and ask God how He would want them to sacrifice for Time to Build.

Equal sacrifice not equal gifts

We need everyone to be involved when we think about what it will take to build a new building. This building project is far too great for just a few families to undertake. This will take the commitment and support of every person in order to achieve the goal of continuing the dream and
leaving a legacy for our children.

Now it’s everyone’s turn to make an investment into our church and community that has the potential to change the eternal destiny of thousands of people in Schertz and the surrounding communities,
even throughout the world.

Over 3,500 people have given their lives to Christ in our current building. Imagine how many
more we could reach together as we take this next step.


This is a supernatural journey of sacrificial living and giving. Begin by asking God what He wants you to give. Allow this to be a supernatural sacrifice born out of your time with God. Be confident that
He will provide for you. God will not twist your arm... He’s looking for willing hearts.


You can participate in the following ways:

The more we give together upfront, the faster we can take this step.


In the Bible, there were many times when God‘s people came together to give above and beyond the regular giving. This is an example of sacrificial giving. Revolution Church’s vision is to start a revolution of grace in one life at a time, so please continue to bring your regular faithful gifts in addition to the
gifts God leads you to give to Time To Build.