Together, we are building God's Kingdom, one life at a time, in our local communities and across the world. Read below to learn more.

Our generosity and service create a ripple effect that impacts lives all over the world. We partner and serve with different strategic partnerships to spread the Gospel and bring hope across the world. Here are some of our missions partners.


The Randolph Area Christian Assistance Program (RACAP) is an independent, non-profit emergency food pantry, based in Schertz, TX. RACAP serves 9 different zip codes in the Randolph MetroCom area. RACAP has been in continuous operation for over 35 years.

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Horizon Pregnancy Resources

Horizon is here to serve women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy. All of our services are free of charge and there are no restrictions or requirements in order to be a client here. We offer education, information, and assistance aimed at helping mothers decide to keep babies. We also educate on parenting and adoption.

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Local Schools

We are working with our local school districts to feed sports teams and teachers, to provide backpacks and school supplies and to meet other needs throughout the school year.

God Behind Bars

It’s our goal that every inmate would experience the love of Christ. By partnering with local churches all over the country, we provide dynamic live worship experiences, messages of hope and restoration, opportunities for recovery from addiction, resources for re-entry into society, and ongoing support after release. Prison is a dark place. Let’s shine the light of Jesus and make a difference behind bars!

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Human trafficking is the exploitation of vulnerable people for their bodies and labor. Human trafficking is hidden, fast-growing, and complex – generating billions each year through the exploitation of millions of people. The mission of A21 is to end human trafficking and slavery.

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One Child

When you sponsor a child in need, you provide life-changing care! Together, with One Child, we are focused on spreading the Gospel and meeting needs in one specific area in Nicaragua. Through local churches there our OneChild Development Centers provide kids and their families an opportunity to hear the Gospel, educational support, help with basic health needs including nutrition and immunizations, as well as a safe community. Every child in poverty needs a champion. BE ONE.


C3 Global

C3 Global was created to unite the Church, share ideas, and create an environment where we support and push each other to fulfill the vision God has given us to reach our communities. The truth is, we can do more together than we can do alone.

Team Church

Team Church exists to equip teams to build churches that impact communities for Christ. Through all of our events and resources, our goal is to explore the DNA of great teams, providing pastors with a culture-shifting resource for their teams.


DCPI has a vision to launch 5 million new churches across the globe. DCPI equips church leaders to plant reproductive churches. Our partnership with DCPI exponentially increases the number of leaders trained and puts the vision, leadership and stewardship for training church planters in the hands of indigenous leaders in their own church planting networks.

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Convoy of Hope

As a humanitarian, faith-based organization, Convoy of Hope’s goal is to serve people who are impoverished, hungry, and hurting. Convoy is often how we get "boots on the ground" and resources to people in need due to natural disasters, war or other tragedies.

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Church Planting

We train leaders and launch them out to start new churches across the world through relationships and connections we have developed via our networks and even from within our own church.

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