Dream Team

At Revolution, volunteering isn’t about what you have to do, but what we get to do together.

We Get To Do This

To volunteer with The Dream Team, simply:

1.) Choose a team that interests you
2.) Complete a first experience

Once you’ve chosen a team that interests you, you will be scheduled for your First Experience as a volunteer. It includes a brief orientation to Revolution Church and the opportunity to shadow your Dream Team for a day. The First Experience is designed to help you find your “sweet spot.” After you complete a First Experience you will have the opportunity to formally commit to the Dream Team of your choice. If you aren’t sure about the Dream Team that you check out first, you can try another one. We really want to get you in the right place.

At Revolution, Dream Teams are organized into a few main areas. Just click the area you are most interested in to get more details, see specific volunteers roles and to sign up for a First Experience!

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Our Dream Team

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