MIX YTH consists of our amazing student ministry on Wednesday nights and great events year round like Color Clash or Mix Summer Camp for 7th-12th graders. It is a great opportunity for teenagers to be in a positive environment and learn about Jesus in a way that will empower them to make the right choices and live out their dreams!

Wednesday Nights

MIX YTH meets every Wednesday night starting at 6:30pm at our Revolution Church building! MIX YTH hang time begins at 6:30pm, doors open at 6:45pm and we are done at 8:30pm.

MIX YTH has powerful and passionate worship and relevant teaching designed for students. Students will be inspired by hearing the truth of Jesus Christ and challenged to build a relationship with God.

The Weekend

During our weekend services, students serve and attend as full participants. This means students sit together in our worship services and take part in our weekend serving opportunities, anywhere from worship and creative to kids areas and guest services.

Volunteer at MIX YTH

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